What is media buying and how do you use it to your advantage

When talking about communication, you have to mention media buying. It refers to the process of purchasing advertising space and time in one or several media channels, such as digital or print magazines, online platforms, etc., and has always been a key element of communication when designing and planning advertising campaigns.

Today, change is of the essence in advertising and as classic approaches evolve daily, media buying has morphed to adapt to new channels and new marketing strategies.

Print or online

One platform available for media buying is print advertising, used to promote products, services or ideas in print media. Print no longer gets full focus but there is still value in traditional ink-and-paper, and print magazines and newspaper have great potential to reach the businesses in the trade. It is also one of the most effective ways to inform prospects about your products as B2B audiences still do their research there before purchasing. To stay relevant, print advertising has incorporated new technologies, such as QR codes, augmented reality, and personalised messaging. It also offers tangible content with a long lifespan.

Now, digital media has become more powerful, concentrating a large share of advertising budgets. Consequently, the role of media buying has changed and media companies who used to be just content providers now handle data collection and support lead generation. Digital platforms give marketers the ability to better target their audiences and to tie consumer data directly to each ad or channel.

So, should you select online over print for your advertising? No, not at all, you should in fact have a balanced approach and connect the both when running your campaign.

The importance of investing in advertising

Marketing is fundamental for brands and companies to achieve their objectives, and the importance of media buying is not overstated. Ads placed in the right space at the right time will give maximum exposure to your company and will get the attention of potential clients. Online advertising will support lead generation and increase traffic on your website, and it will also enable an easy analysis of the data collected, providing a tool to refine your strategy. This will benefit your brand and utlimately increase your sales.

The result of a campaign will depend on the message and layout of your ad, and it can be a great choice for you to rely on the expertise of a communication team to make it successful. But how do you go about this?

Achieve results with the right strategy

The latest research gives no surprising results by stating how crucial it is to be creative and use the right strategy. With the right game plan, you can expand your reach and increase the visibility of your brand and products.

One effective way is to combine print advertising, online advertising, and social media. With your brand present across these channels, you can target your audience in the optimal setting and your name will be top of mind when it comes to making a buying decision.

On all these channels, you will also have to pick the right media for the sector your industry is specialised in. When working with an agency, you will benefit from the expertise of a team who knows the outlets, which means that your campaign will include the most relevant channels to carry your message and increase awareness.

Choosing a media buying strategy comes with a lot of options and can be overwhelming. At duomedia, we can help you make the right decision. Get in touch here or book a meeting with our team, together we can define the perfect media buying strategy.