Top 5 Automation misconceptions in LFP

Back in 2022, several news sources published about ‘Connected Automation’ in Large Format printing and how the future of the industry lay in this. After the pandemic, the printing industry not only struggled with economic uncertainties but also experienced difficulties in finding and retaining employees. Automation could offer a partial solution to this problem, but it was still virgin territory.

Four Pees is at the forefront of the ‘Connected Automation’ movement within the printing industry. To look at the impact within Large Format printing, we went straight to the source and invited Fespa Belgium members to an open discussion. During this roundtable discussion, participants discussed the reality and future of ‘Connected Automation’ within their company.

This conversation exposed the following 5 major misconceptions about Connected Automation in Large Format printing:

  • You cannot measure the effectiveness of Connected Automation because Large Format printing still requires a lot of manual work
  • Automation gnaws away at the printer’s in-house printing expertise
  • Automation is all about quick wins
  • Automation tools are either too start-up or too flexible
  • Automation clashes with the market trend towards specialisation – if you automate, you displace your speciality

Too good not to share, so read on to discover the 5 main misconceptions about Connected Automation in Large Format printing!