Thibault-Bergeron uses Equinox to boost ECG accuracy

Thibault-Bergeron uses Esko Equinox extended color gamut technology to boost color accuracy and efficiency

Luxury packaging specialist reduces ink waste and downtime with ECG

Established as a leader in the luxury packaging sector for the chocolate and confectionery industry, Thibault-Bergeron employs more than 220 women and men at its 3000m2 facility in Muzillac, France. In 2000, CEO Franz Thibault took the reins of the family business, beginning a diversification process that saw the company move into quality packaging for spirits, cosmetics and delicatessen products.

With the specific market demands of this expanded customer base – quality and excellence as standard, but now requiring many small runs and the need to manage several projects at the same time – Thibault-Bergeron added the innovative Equinox technology to its Esko prepress ecosystem.

Equinox is the Esko solution for the implementation of extended gamut printing, allowing businesses to print faster with superb quality while lowering printing costs. Equinox standardizes printing presses on a single set of inks, delivering savings on inks and plates for packaging work but more importantly for Thibault-Bergeron, saving significant amounts of time as the press changeover workload between jobs is reduced to merely changing printing plates.

Franz Thibault said that with the company already using Esko ArtiosCAD for structural design, Automation Engine for workflow management, and ArtPro+ and Studio for design editing and file prep, the addition of Equinox was the next logical step as the company continues to use latest technology to deliver the best quality service to its customers.

“Equinox enables us to manage the extended color gamut and harmonize our jobs in the same printing mode, while avoiding costly ink preparations and machine makeready,” he said. “Equinox is THE quintessence of complex colorimetric changes, but also of real production challenges.”

Discover how the combination of Equinox extended color gamut technology and the Esko ecosystem has helped Thibault-Bergeron deliver the high quality packaging its customers demand, while enjoying improved efficiency and waste reduction. Watch the video now: