Text & Cover paper for your creative (end-of-year) printing

Thanks to their various colours and structures, our Text & Cover paper lend themselves perfectly to your creative projects and, of course, your end-of-year printing.

Do you prefer white, coloured, transparent or metallic?
Thickening or ecological paper?
Matching envelopes?

You will find it all in our extensive Text & Cover range!

Take your pick from our top selection:


A thickening uncoated paper in 4 natural shades, available in 3 designs:

– Lessebo Design 1.3 has a fairly rough surface and bulk 1.3.

– Lessebo Design Smooth has a silky smooth surface and bulk 1.2.

– Lessebo Digital is dry toner (laser) guaranteed. Only available in white.


Offered in three finishes:

Kingdom Laid is characterised by a fine classic layout inspired by traditional letterhead paper.
Kingdom Wove has a soft fabric feel.
Kingdom XT-S has a contemporary look and stands out for its particularly smooth surface.
Kingdom Recy consists of 100% recycled fibres.

In all three finishes, the 100 g/m² paper features the exclusive Kingdom watermark.


Boheme Tradition, , an uncoated paper with double-sided felt marking, has an elegant look. Boheme also exists with a fine linen press, Boheme Design.


Stardream metallic papier is available in more than thirty colours. The surface contains pearlescent pigments, giving the print image a particularly stylish effect.

Stardream 2.0 sparkles even more than regular Stardream and contains 30% recycled fibres.


Malmero uncoated paper has a rough touch and exudes quality. The range comprises 20 fresh colours and is available in 120, 165, 250, 300 and 375 g/m².  Malmero Perlé with glitter speckle is available in white and black.


Pur Coton is specially designed for exclusive and premium communication purposes. The cotton fibres give a distinct physical expression thanks to their coarse grain.


Kalk Spectral Spectral is a stylish wood-free backing with a smooth, lime-transparent surface. The combination of Lime Spectral transparent and the print image gives an exceptional contrast.

This is just a sample of our extensive range. Surf quickly to www.igepa.be and be tempted by a range of high value-added papers.

More info?

Contact your Igepa representative or send an e-mail to print@igepa.be.