Team name: Four Pees

Team idea: Imagine having a community-maintained information source on all things PDF. A “wikipedia-style” site where one can find descriptions of common terms pertaining to PDF, information on preflight messages coming up in popular preflight tools, information on how to fix such preflight errors in common prepress tools and much more.

This by itself would be a “good thing” because it would provide people with explanations that can be optimised and streamlined by the various experts in graphic arts, which would lead to information being more correct and more neutral / objective, while still providing a platform for users of different software solutions to find information specifically interesting to their tool.

But beyond being a nice information source, this type of resource could also easily be integrated with existing tools. Preflight software for example could generate a preflight report with all problems in a document, where each problem is linked to the correct page on the wiki. Even though the description in the preflight tool itself would then be technical and made hard to understand, through the link the user could still figure out what is wrong and how that problem could be fixed.

This wiki type information source, what it should be and how it could be used is the subject of our Hackaton team.