Student seeks international internship

Students in international graphic and digital media are looking for an international internship from February 2022. Are you a Belgian company with international sites? Are you a foreign company interested in a Belgian student?  Your future employee is waiting for you!

Our students combine clear communication with strong design and innovative technology. They can design, produce and deploy creative graphic and digital media products to enhance a company’s digital marketing and for an international market.

Students from the Story Design specialization translate the client’s message into a coherent, clear and compelling story that connects with the target audience and they know how to use the right media and techniques to do so. They can work as Digital Creative, Crossmedia Consultant, Account Manager, Project Manager, Media Planner, etc.  

Students in the Digital Strategy & Development specialization explore technologies and digitize processes. They listen to the needs of the customer and the user and translate these into a user-friendly and optimal design. They take the lead in this process of implementation and development of products, functionalities and systems. This leads to professionals like Product owner, Product manager, Digital product manager, Project manager, Digital strategy consultant….  

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