Production at hand, wherever you are!

Logica introduces its new Web App 4.0; totally rewritten, even more performing.

Web App 4.0 to visualizing each machine status in real time, and much more.

Every single machine is connected to your mobile device.

System shows the production plans of each individual production resource, including the time the run started and when it will be finished.

Furthermore, it allows to be immediately informed about machines stoppages, and delays of run ending. You certainly experienced the importance of being fully informed about every key factor influencing your productivity.

Web App 4.0 represents the essence of our philosophy: providing software tools to control every aspect of the production side of the company in real time, to be updated with true information always, it allows to base strategies on univocal information, all this mean changing the paradigm, moving forward from sensations to real data. React on the base of actual data, instead of past data. Web App 4.0 is designed to let the manager know, foresee, improve, by using univocal data to shape the enterprise future.

Every moment of the manager’s day, when travelling, when a customer calls, whenever a check of production is needed, it makes the smartphone becoming a real working tool.

Another step forward to complete a real Industry 4.0 project: the production portability.