Petruzzi Printing Industries – our experience with Logica MES

Petruzzi Industria Grafica, founded by Corrado Petruzzi in the seventies, is deeply rooted in Città di Castello, Umbria. Born as artisan, grew up as an industry, in fact, he’s been able to expand the plant at 8.000 sqm, installing latest technology machines, especially for large format and editorial printing.

Five, were the operators when the company started in the seventies, fifty are the professional profiles today employed there, which testify the constant growing along the three passionate generations, today driven by the founder son.

Company dimensions increasing, as well as the growth of customers base and complexity of the jobs handled, required a deep review of the informative systems and management methodologies. Receiving information only when jobs were completed was not enough anymore; they needed to adopt an informative system allowing a steady and continuous monitoring, both production and the financial indicators.

Here the decision to entrust Logica with the MIS ProtoX, the integrated informative system covering all tasks in the company from making quotation, up to provide jobs post calculation, and regarding MES, with Logica 4.0 system connecting ten costs centres, in real time.

Hereafter a short resume of an interview paid to Matteo Petruzzi

What’s the importance of having a MES system in your industrial reality?

Our MES works as the pulsing heart of our manufacturing activities, offering unprecedent monitoring on all aspects of productive process. This not only improve our capacity to take informed and prompt decisions, but it also helps identifying and quickly solve eventual inefficiencies and interruption of our production chain. Which directly brings a reduction of operational costs, while improving the overall productivity. Further to that, the MES help us in a more accurate management of the stock, minimizing wastes, while granting the resources allocation optimizing.

Please name the most important benefit you got by working with the Logica Suite.

One of the most important aspects is that now we gained an unprecedent real time monitoring of every phase of the production process. Advanced traceability achieved by Logica Suite is crucial to improve the management of quality.

Which are your considerations about the choosing of Logica?

The decision to choose Logica as our partner has been supported by several key factors. Firstly, the Suite of Logica shown a remarkable robustness and flexibility. Fundamental was the capacity to adapt to our specific needs, as to allow a system configuration perfectly reflecting our unique processes.

Partnership with Logica is also featured by an excellent customer support service. Their support team has always been ready to answer our questions, providing prompt solutions when problems occurred. Reputation Logica gained in our sector, and the positive testimonies from other companies confirmed the solidity and reliability of their MES solution. Our decision to choose Logica was, therefore, driven by a combination of proven performance, customizing respect to our needs and a strong commitment toward excellence in service.

In conclusion, we’ve chosen Logica as partner for MES systems because their solution lived up to our expectations, by offering a strong technological base and a continuous support, which significantly contributed to our operational success.