New EFI Web to Print Technology considered for SGIA Product of the Year Award

The EFI MarketDirect StoreFront web to print solution is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the print industry. More than $300 Million worth of print worldwide and related products and services were ordered through MarketDirect in 2019 alone.

This year EFI has made several game changing enhancements to the platform and submitted the latest release (Version 11.0) to the PRINTING United Alliance Product of the Year award for contention and consideration in it’s Software – web-based design and personalization category. The PRINTING United Alliance annual Product of the Year competition showcases products that keep the printing industry moving forward.

Front and center of the MarketDirect StoreFront 11.0 release is the new AutoEngage module. A first of it’s kind AutoEngage is designed to convert the web to print database into a dynamic CRM. This enables print service providers to send marketing campaigns automatically based on their clients behavior. It’s similar to some of the tools you see with retail eCommerce sites like Amazon® who are able to remind customers that they have an abandoned shopping cart. Or that there’s a new product available – or that there’s a special price promotion.

The software works adaptively in the background, only targeting customers who fit a pre-designated profile. The service provider has full control over the message and design. Best of all it’s extremely simple to use, requiring no programming – with just an hour or two of remote training – operators can be up and running.