New customer Innovation Hub from Esko

Esko has unveiled a new virtual hub to launch its 2020 software and hardware innovations to customers.

The Esko Innovation Hub has been designed to provide users with a unique experience; the ability to explore the Esko 2020 portfolio of new and upgraded products in an always-on, virtual environment where insights and technical information is delivered in a fresh and exciting way. The hub enables users to navigate around the latest hardware and software innovations from Esko, in their own time, learning ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

“The huge challenges we’ve all faced as a sector this year motivates and drives Esko to continue developing and releasing new and improved solutions to ensure our customers remain at the forefront of innovation gains,” said Jan De Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations and Strategy.

“The packaging and label industry is extremely challenged today and is core to the successful operation of many critical supply chains around the world. In the absence of key events to showcase our latest innovations to support our customers, we have extended our web presence with a unique approach to interacting with our customers. The Esko Innovation Hub ensures continuous access to relevant and timely information about the latest technologies, tools and solutions we are making available in the coming weeks,” said Jan.

Underlining Esko’s position at the leading edge of packaging and label hardware and software developments, the Esko Innovation Hub – which can be accessed online via – gives users the chance to enjoy a segment-specific perspective on the latest technology, while exploring a virtual demonstration environment.

“As users navigate the virtual tour, special ‘hotspots’ take them to curated product videos and presentations, ensuring they can access pertinent information specifically relevant to the application market in which they operate,” explained Jan. “From labels and flexible packaging through to paperboard packaging, premedia trade shops and wide format applications, we showcase bespoke solutions so that each visitor has the most beneficial and valuable experience.”

“Users will be given exclusive previews of Esko Software 20, including ArtPro+ 20.0, WebCenter 20.0  and Print Control Wizard 20.0,” said Jan. “Together with hardware innovations like the new Optics 100v2 for our CDI flexo platemaking solution, we have a significant number of cutting edge product launches scheduled for 2020 to further reinforce our commitment to digitizing, automation and connecting our customers.”