Meet us at virtual.drupa 2021!

HYBRID Software will be presenting a webinar on April 22nd from 14:40 to 15:10 (CET), titled “Digitalize Your Print Production with HYBRID Software’s Prepress Applications”.

HYBRID Software will be exhibiting at virtual.drupa 2021 from April 20th-23rd, 2021. drupa is the world’s leading trade show for print technologies, and with their new digital event, we won’t have to miss out any longer!

Visit our booth or register at We hope to see you there!

CLOUDFLOW is ready for Linux lift-off

CLOUDFLOW is ready for lift-off in Linux operating systems with maximum efficiency.

CLOUDFLOW 21.02 runs on Linux
Next to macOS and Windows, HYBRID has adopted a third platform, Linux, to release CLOUDFLOW on. The Linux operating system is highly efficient, both on a performance level, but also on cost. Supporting for Linux is especially targeted at high-performance and Data Center deployments. CLOUDFLOW runs on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04, and Amazon Linux 1 and 2.

“Many enterprise workloads are moving to the Data Center, and HYBRID wants to be where our customers are”, Nick De Roeck, CTO of HYBRID Software explains. “Linux is quickly becoming the primary choice for public cloud deployment, so with this Linux release we are delivering to our customers. CLOUDFLOW has been running on the UNIX-like macOS for years, so the move to Linux was not that big of a leap. But we are also doing extensive testing and validation on Linux, as we want to deliver the same high-quality and dependable product that customers have learned to expect from us.”

Cost-effective benefits for Linux users
Data Center administrators launching CLOUDFLOW on a Linux operating system will save costs in two predominate ways, as Linux hardware requirements are lower than competitors and buying a Windows license is no longer required. For those deploying CLOUDFLOW on Amazon or other similar services, users will attain even more cost savings with the low hosting fees available.

What was our goal for this initiative?
Linux is a powerful operating system that supports top performance in addition to cost savings. “Deploying CLOUDFLOW on Linux enables a cost-effective way to run the software in an environment that manages to elevate its performance to an even higher level,” shares CLOUDFLOW Team Manager, Jacques De Schepper.

Visit our CLOUDFLOW website or contact us to learn more.