Logica website Dutch version now online!

Our program to increase our presence in Europe must include the expansion of our activities in Benelux. In order to facilitate this operation, as from today we can announce our official web site is also in Dutch. On the web site, our reader will find many important info, starting with the list of machines already connected, a super interview to Rotolito Lombarda IT Manager explaining how he gets data, reports and analysis by the seven production plants of the Group. Reader will also see a question-and-answer session paid to Inkish TV, telling much indeed about Logica and what’s behind its success.

MES of Logica, makes available OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in real time, based on automatic, univocal, unmodifiable data. A precise picture of the reached performance and all necessary information to clearly understand the strategies to put in place, to continue improving the production flow capacity.

The MES of Logica offers in fact, a large range of reports and analysis ready to use, which help to recognise all bottlenecks along the production pipeline of each individual machine, dramatically reducing the unproductive times, thus allowing the performance increasing of each machine.

Logica connect to any MIS ERP every machine, despite to brand, model and age, using further to JDF protocol also OPC-UA; Modbus Profinet and, for those machines where direct connection isn’t possible, Logica supplies its own PLCBOX.

In the meantime, we are pleased to announce the complete integration of the first Koenig & Bauer Rotajet sold in Italy with the Suite Logica 4.0, MES to which all machines of Grafica Veneta S.p.A., the prestigious company located in Trebaseleghe nearby Venice, are interconnected.

Great reason of proudness to us, having Customers like Grafica Veneta, a partnership successfully lasting since years.

Continuous investments on the most advanced technologies, which further to improve Grafica Veneta’s products quality and services offered, represent for Logica a constant motivation to grow its systems and realize innovative integrated solutions, to improve processes efficiency and control.

Rotajet is the first digital web press of the German Group and first installation in Italy, its technology is based on one of the most advanced inkjet systems, to satisfy the most demanding workloads. It is interconnected to exchange bidirectional data to Logica MES using JDF standard.