Logica take part to The Het Congress

Logica choses The Het Congress to begin building its presence in Benelux –– Our claim: What could your company be by using Logica MES?

For the first time we have had the opportunity to visit the nice Mechelen, with its marvellous St. Rumbolds Cathedral and the colourful centre. This was thanks to our participation to the Het Congress, which also given us the possibility to speak with lot of actors of the Belgian and Benelux printing field. To understand by their own words how a system as the M.E.S. of Logica is missing.

Not only that, also by assisting the Panels and highly qualified presentations, where arguments we care so much about, were introduced: the importance of realistic and consistent data availability, more, to clearly measure the production’s performance of machines and operators. The optimizing of production. The importance of KPI and O.E.E., at the end.

This is exactly what the M.E.S. by Logica is born to provide.

Our MES (Manifacturing Execution System) in fact, is a software system allowing you to plan, monitor, trace, and document the production process. Regardless of how big the company is and which are the technologies used. Our MES can contribute to overall productivity and profitability by ensuring that production’s data is collected and usable.

In other words: Printers and Binders see the importance of scientifically calculating how their machines and operators perform. To learn where they have to improve, how they have to improve, what’s the strategies they can set up to be more competitive, to make sure being able to be squeezing every possible hour of production of each single resource before deciding to invest in new one. The MES of Logica helps you achieving all these strategic goals.

Every entrepreneur aims to make his/her company growing, and growth implies costs. More machines, more people, more space…more money.

Our MES instead, help optimizing the time available on each machine for production, so that in a short time from the system adoption, you will see the same amount of job orders worked before the MES was implemented, to be worked in a shorter time afterward, providing you with additional time for production on every machine.

Operators will work more efficiently and this all will dramatically reduce the costs to bear to increase the turnover.

MIS, ERPs are all so important, these instruments are all good. But how do you know if the price you set in a quotation to your print buyer, respect to your costs of production, really grants the margins you imagined. How can you measure O.E.E. and KPI if your MIS or ERP is not gathering data from all the production in real time?

See how important is the full production monitoring?

This is now possible thanks to the M.E.S. by Logica which can connect every third-party MIS or ERP, with any machine, despite to its brand, model, age. Today, 1.400+ machines are connected by mean of our system, in printing, finishing and bindery operations. Offset printing, digital printing, flexo printing; perfect bound, sewn bound, folders, die cutters, face cutters..

The numerous visitors approaching our table at the Congress, expressed appreciation for our solution, lot of interests were born there and we do believe Het Congress has been a super window, certainly for us to better understand the local market, its need and ideas, and to showcase and introduce the fruit of the almost 18 years development of our M.E.S.

If you need to have full control over your production capabilities and performance, if you want to make sure about which strategies will make your production more efficient and performant, let’s talk about it, we’ll provide you the most advanced, reliable and easy to use system to experience a new way to drive your company.

As last, we want to say thanks to all visitors stopping to our table, to everyone we could talk to and a special thanks to VIGC Team organizing the Het Congress so pleasantly.