Logica MES – One year customer’s experience, let’s talk of numbers!

Facts checking in favour of Logica GPC MES. Increase your Company’s turnover is more often requiring no investment!

One year customer’s experience, let’s talk of numbers!

When describing a software and the eventual pay back it is bringing to you as user, often you go into the difficult situation of providing credible numbers.

This is not the case of Logica MES GPC, in fact our numbers are taken by a univocal data management system, which generates a non-corruptible data transfer and consequent analysis, providing data helping our Client to generate a large additional turnover, without paying for it.

It is clear in fact, that strategies to generate additional turnover, normally involve investment in machinery, personnel and organization.

Here we take in account a real customer of ours, and we share some calculations providing the clear representation of a different approach, based on data, instead that on instinct.

12 months experience with Logica GPC MES, 2023 on 2022.

Day by day control over production + identifying and correcting organizational inefficiencies all around the machine(s), revealed by GPC, an automatic system which cannot be manually corrupted, will bring you to achieving two main goals, one regarding aspects of organization, the other regarding financial aspects.


Reaching, maintaining, and even constantly improving the goals of production performance, starting from what’s recorded when GPC MES gets installed. Meaning figuring out the turnover that machine must produce. Data collected, showcase the initial machine’s performance and what are the bottlenecks limiting that specific machine to produce more, resulting in a clear vision how to correct detected inefficiencies.

Based on the analysis and corrective measures implemented, system shows how, machine’s performance improves on a monthly basis, while these data consent to evaluate the effective impact of the corrective measures implemented.

Such data and strategy, also allow to clearly figure out when a machine realistically cannot meet the requested performance, and it must be replaced. Further to that, data analysis tells which different technology/configuration results to be better performing, to increase the turnover. Safer investment!


Starting from the day one monitoring, as shown by the figure, we get an impacting decreasing of make ready times, while productive times increase. This last condition is strictly linked to the information flows automation.

As an example, let’s take the 10 colours printing machine, delivered new in 2021. The process optimization, carried to save 480 hours of make ready operations on a year base. This is equal to 60 working shifts!

60 additional work shifts available, represent an impressive result, and it wasn’t spent one single euro to reach that goal, in new technologies, nor in additional operators.

This is only one of the elements we work on with data, carrying to reduce the costs to increase the turnover.

Can you imagine? Same achievement reached on all machines which can bring additional turnover in the company. A growth not otherwise imaginable, with no improving the expenditure normally to bear to improve the turnover. Can you imagine the same projected on waste and personnel?

Chose Logica MES as partner to improve your company growth, while reducing costs!