Leave a crushing impression and become a legend.

How do you leave a crushing impression and become a legend with your beer and story?

That is exactly what DUTCH IPA is destined to do. DUTCH IPA is an ode to the adventurer. To the discoverer of new flavors. To the bon vivant who is open to new experiences. 

To create something extraordinary HP, DUTCHIPA, Probo and Cogonez joined forces and developed a Limited Edition Session IPA to emphasize on all of these new experiences Captain IPA was discovering. To make sure to leave a crushing impression on the shelf it was important to have a great design on the labels.

By using HP SmartStream Designer, the beer brand was able to develop thousands of unique labels where we believe the hospitality industry has gold in its hands. It offers  the opportunity to stand out, increase turnover and again this crushing impression. Using digital print gives you opportunities to increase engagement. You can easily add competitions like finding the winning number or the golden can and even add a simple QR codes to connect the offline with the online world. And having a limited edition creates the desire to collect them all. 

HP technology is not only very suitable for beer labels, it is also ideal for fast moving consumer goods. Many successful applications have already been made by big brands like Coca-Cola, Nutella and Tony Chocolonely, but DUTCH IPA shows that the combination of a well-thought-out brand story and this technology can definitely yield a positive business case for smaller brands.

DUTCH IPA is a fast-growing beer brand with a well-thought-out brand story. Each label portrays this through Captain IPA. For this reason, DUTCH IPA is an asset to the hospitality industry. Guests love discovering new flavors, but it would be even more fun if there is a nice story behind that immediately appeals to the imagination.

Creating unique labels used to be a time-consuming and expensive project and therefore not accessible to smaller brands. But thanks to the HP Smartstream Designer software and HP Indigo Digital Presses, that’s no longer the case. It was now an easy task for Cogonez, creative agency based in Amsterdam to go wild with the designs that could create labels with infinite variations and backgrounds. 

If you are curious how it all was created, you can watch this making-off video. From creation by Cogonez, printing at Probo till brewing and canning in the brewery of DUTCH IPA, with a little help from HP. “Easy does it!” 

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Contact: Irene Quah – irene.quah@hp.com