Kodak recognized as the technology leader in digital print

Our award-winning digital technology is the result of:

  • Our 100+ years of experience in foundational chemistry and material science   
  • Our deep expertise in developing groundbreaking inkjet technology
  • Our continuing $25 million annual investment in research and development


September 2020: Two InterTech™ Technology Awards:
  1. Uteco Sapphire EVO M digital web press powered by KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology: The first high-speed inkjet for flexible packaging print.
  2. KODAK PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and Film Optimizer Agent: Water-based solution ideal for printing on flexible substrates in food and personal care. 
October, 2020: Five Keypoint Intelligence  Buyers Lab (BLI) Outstanding Innovation  Awards: 
  1. KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press: Closes the gap with offset for image quality and productivity.
  2. KODAK PROSPER Plus Imprinting System: Add the high-quality, high-speed variable capabilities of digital to your analog offset press.
  3. KODAK PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and Film Optimizer Agent (FOA) 
  4. Uteco Sapphire EVO M Press powered by KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology 
  5. Uteco Sapphire EVO W Press powered by KODAK ULTRASTREAM Inkjet Technology: The first digital press for flexible packaging to match the productivity of flexography and the quality of gravure.
October, 2020: Printing United Alliance Product of the Year: 
  1. KODAK PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and Film Optimizer Agent