Keep control over production processes with Logica

Short and medium terms vision over production processes, can only be granted by implementing a MES (Manufacturing Execution System), allowing the automatic and full interaction between production resources and the MIS/ERP the company uses.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a software created to monitoring, tracking, documenting, and having control on production processes. Regardless of the company size, MES can contribute to grow the whole productivity and profitability, as it will make sure all info process related, are collected and made available to use.

Logica born in 2006 and, after 17 years of experience meeting a variety of production realities, it became the Italian leader in the realization of production management and control systems (MES), within the polygraphic sector. The software system bringing the graphic companies meeting in full a real 4.0 style management of the entire production cycle, while applying the concept of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the graphic sector since 2008.

OEE indicator

Worldwide recognized indicator, representing the whole production resource yield, considering the total time the resource is available for production. It’s a very demanding indicator, bringing to light all company inefficiencies related to production activities, both, directly related to the production resource or not directly related to it. This indicator considers all inefficiency types, direct and indirect ones leading to a lower productivity:

  • Missing of correct info when materials are not there.
  • Planning and communication inaccuracy.
  • Set ups, downtimes, micro stoppages, remakes, non-conformities.

 OEE indicator can only be reliable when data are reliable, clearly showcasing the fundamental interaction in the company’s processes, exactly adhering to the “Industry 4.0” practise.

 This macro level indicator is extremely sensible, it allows the company monitoring, and a continuous performance improvement thanks to the evaluation of a number of metrics collected by each production resource of the plant(s). 

Achievement of the highest OEE values, becomes the whole company motivation and stimulus for the final scope to further improving its operational performance.

Features of the system

Logica MES offers the real time automatic calculation of OEE indicators, on each machine connected to it.

Logica MES:

  • Sends the job orders data coming from the MIS/ERP to each single machine
  • Constantly keeps production managers informed about all the events involving production departments
  • Significantly contributes to understand the reasons causing unproductive times and to its reduction
  • Thanks to App or web connection, allows the full control over production departments, and of multi plants from remote

Connection mode:

  • DataBridge – to make Logica MES be fully integrated with almost any existing MIS/ERP, including those already installed
  • JDF/JMF or XML
  • OPC-UA
  • Modbus Profinet
  • Logica PLCBOX – allowing full interaction with machines unequipped with modern input/output data means

To date, more than 200 are the production machines models, for a total of about 1.500 units of the graphic sector and 10 different MIS/ERP connected in bidirectional way thanks to Logica MES, including SAP, Navision and AS 400. Hundreds of projects have been certified as “Industry 4.0” by the Ministry of Business and of Made in Italy.

Our Vision

Strengthen by the numerous successful experiences, we believe the best way to helping the graphic entrepreneur on decisional processes, bringing to improving of the global company efficiency, is to implement a reliable and timely monitoring allowing the improvement of processes and performance. Such a condition will bring optimizations, savings and improvements of personal competences and revenues.

In other words, not only 4.0 style machines; your whole company becoming Industry 4.0.