Logica gives life to a New Award within the kermess “Oro della Stampa 2023” promoted by Stratego, to hold in Milan on December 1st.
Stratego is directly connected to ACIMGA, the association of the Italian Graphic Machines Manufacturers, involving the best of our national entrepreneurs, organizing its events and publicizing its magazines.

Logica and Stratego – from Manufacturing 4.0 to “Oro della Stampa 2023”, the Gold of Print 2023.
Since its born, Logica developed specific solutions for the Graphic Industries only directed to improve the company processes, targeting to its rationalization and automation.

Industry 4.0 dropped into the European reality in 2013, while in Italy it was taken as unique chance to let our Industry be more performant, and better for its competition on the markets, to modernize its approaches, by setting up the National Industry 4.0 Plan in 2016, which ratified the same values Logica proposes on the market since more than 15 years: the importance of interconnection between machines and ERP/MIS.
Years of heavy technological investment in the most advanced machines, all performing Industry 4.0, thanks to important financial relieves, allowed machines and systems renovation, thus granting a great increasing of the industry production capacity.
This all, set the companies the need to verify and eventually align their inner processes to the new investment made.

Logica as well, in 2020 broaden its vision to a wider concept of Manufacturing 4.0, thought and dedicated to all those companies which adhered to the National Industry 4.0 Plan, seen as the possibility of growing, studying, creating even more advanced software solutions, offering a level of services extremely specialized for its Clients, as to widen those offered till now.

A new range of products and services with the unique goal toward the research of a continuous improvement of the company’s performance, which makes of Logica the technological reality oriented to the processes’ innovation.
One target only: company processes optimizing and control!

This is the reason why Logica, beside Stratego Group, will promote the award “Best Process Innovator”, during the prestigious kermess “Oro della Stampa 2023”. A sign of gratitude to all those companies of our Graphic Sector, pursuing the same goals Logica was born for.