Introducing the Private Data Magician App for Switch

Handling private data attached to jobs is crucial in optimizing your workflow, but it’s not always in the format you need. That’s where the Private Data Magician app from Four Pees comes in, allowing you to effortlessly transform and manipulate private data fields to align perfectly with your requirements.

Transform Your Private Data with Ease

The Private Data Magician app utilizes simple text-based transformation rules to modify the content of private data fields or create new ones based on the original data. Say goodbye to cumbersome custom scripts – managing and creating rules is intuitive and straightforward. Rest assured, the jobs passing through the app remain unchanged; it’s only the private data attached to them that undergoes potential modifications.

One Input, Countless Possibilities

Imagine being able to derive multiple private data fields from just a single input. With the Private Data Magician, this becomes a reality. For instance, by providing the country code “BE,” you can automatically generate the full country name as “Belgium” and even set the currency as “Euro.” The app empowers you to define numerous output fields, tailored precisely to meet your workflow needs. The possibilities are limitless.

Handle Missing Information and Wildcards with Ease

Dealing with missing information or unexpected data in private data fields can be a hassle. However, the Private Data Magician app offers an elegant solution. Special rules allow you to easily manage such scenarios. If a country code is missing, you can set the output to “Unknown country.” Similarly, if a country code lacks a corresponding rule, you can choose to copy it directly to the output field.

Combine Information for Advanced Insights

The power of the Private Data Magician app extends beyond single inputs. It enables you to merge data from multiple private data fields and derive combined information effortlessly. For instance, by leveraging inputs like “A4” and “Landscape,” you can swiftly obtain the width and height of the job. It’s almost like magic, but we assure you, it’s the brilliance of the Private Data Magician at work.

Ready to Unleash the Magic?

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