International B2B communication trends in 2022

2022 will be the year in which people want to reconnect. We all noticed that not being able to connect in person has weakened some relationships. Because of the global COVID pandemic people had to adapt and try to make the best of it. A webinar of less-than-ideal quality was accepted because we sympathized with the struggle to reach audiences and convey a message. But once we are able to revert to how things were before covid, a more critical attitude towards the quality of information will return.


International trade events are expected to be back on the menu. Not all of them @LabelExpo ☹ and not as quickly as we initially had hoped, but the reason for cancellations will no longer be COVID.

As we start to recover from the pandemic, people are excited about getting back to attending in-person events. Virtual events certainly add an interesting element to the communication mix, for instance by making it possible for brands to connect with international audiences in difficult circumstances. But they can’t really replace the dynamic of networking in person. It’s likely that from now on, international trade events may become more hybrid.


A hybrid event  poses two big challenges for organizers. First, it requires a bigger budget, high-quality live streaming  requires a professional studio environment with the right equipment.

Second, it can be challenging to keep the harmony between in-person and -online audiences and create maximum opportunities for them to interact. To please both audiences some sacrifices have to be made.

But on the positive side, we believe event organizers have accepted the “new normal” and have let go of the idea that an event needs to be confined within four walls. After two years of cancellations, it’s important for trade events to recapture the excitement and impact they had. Expanding the reach of a trade event to an online international crowd will help to accelerate this.


Businesses and brands have been investing a lot more in direct marketing. As a result, the need to grow credibility has increased. Tooting your own horn has its limitations. The demand for third-party content (trade media, influencers, stakeholder channels) will increase, as they make a product or service more tangible. The impact of a recommendation by an external party is not to be underestimated.

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