Influencer marketing as B2B communication

How duomedia made influencer marketing part of an international B2B communication campaign

ETS, the European Tissue Paper Industry Association, approached duomedia to raise awareness on tissue paper and in general spread the message about tissue paper being hygienic, practical, and sustainable.

Covid-19 has brought the importance of health and hygiene into sharp focus whereby hand hygiene is perceived as a crucial part of total hygiene, and tissue paper has an important role to play.  duomedia worked out a comprehensive communication strategy around ‘Tissue paper – The Smart Choice’.

The campaign

The ultimate goal of the campaign was to influence, convince and ultimately convert B2B decision makers to make the switch to tissue paper solutions as being the most hygienic, safe solution to keep people and their environment safe.  Next to decision makers in procurement and horeca also the bigger public needed to be made aware of the excellent properties of tissue paper.

The campaign duomedia proposed envisaged several touch points with each of these audiences.

The campaign combined the use of 5 complimentary tactics to reach both B2B and B2C target audiences and to ultimately join a virtual event, where scientists, sustainability experts and consumer insight professionals were invited to present and share their knowledge.

duomedia provided the following services:

  • Production video footage with a focus on story telling. A series of ‘touch’ videos were created to be used on social media channels to attract attention of both consumers and professionals. In addition a series of tell videos were created, presenting experts from different fields to explain the benefits of tissue paper and give proof as to why it is the best choice to make
  • Tailored content creation adapted to the needs of the different professional and consumer audiences to be displayed on all channels and platforms for online purposes such as mailers, advertisements, white papers…
  • Creation of a landing page to gather all the information over the event on one page, located on ETS’ website.
  • Social media management to generate traffic to the campaign landing page focusing on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.
  • Influencer marketing relationship management to help build a community of valuable ambassadors.
  • Translations of all content in 8 languages to effectively target internationally.
  • Virtual event organization: from the selection of speakers and sponsors to the global coordination and set-up.
  • Evaluation report delivered at the end of the campaign, with a series of suggestions, new opportunities, and challenges for future campaigns.

The influencer marketing

To add credibility through third-party authority to the campaign, duomedia involved influencers and appointed them as tissue ambassadors. Influencers are capable of incorporating a brand story or campaign message into their daily lives in a trustworthy, relatable manner.  

A selection of macro and micro-influencers were briefed on the core messaging around Tissue Paper and each of them transformed and personalized the story to their followers. 

Indeed, duomedia believes that influencers help reach a new audience, give a new perspective, and build trust in the community.  In addition, they proved very helpful in boosting the registrations for the virtual summit.

duomedia based its influencer tactic on sponsored content.

The results

duomedia secured 10 influencer partnerships to target consumers from 4 different countries.

These partnerships resulted in 42 Instagram stories leading to more than 735 swipes-ups and 310K consumers reached. In addition to these direct results, the ETS virtual event noticed an uptake in registrations. In the end, over 350 people participated in the event, and it is believed 70 of them registered following an interaction with an influencer’s story.

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