FuturePrint Virtual Summit

The FuturePrint Summit Schedule Launches today with nearly 70 speakers and over 30 sessions across three days 2-4 June. Check out the schedule here.

The event is free to attend and designed to help the print sector during this difficult period of uncertainty and stress. The website enables delegates to easily navigate and build a schedule of sessions and the system enables replays but only for registered delegates.

The format includes interviews, presentations and covers commercial, wide format, packaging and industrial printing technologies while featuring leading brands, innovators and print service providers.

Additionally, joining us are globally leading market analysts from IT Strategies, Keypoint Intelligence, ThePackHub, and IDC will be delivering sessions on the impact of COVID-19, the trajectory of recovery for all markets.

As well as presentations and analysis, there are also discussions around ’Selling in the Crisis’ and ‘Creativity out of Crisis’, how to ‘Reboot your Business’ and ‘Grow or Go’ as we want the event to provide practical help to people during this difficult time.

Overall though, we want to thank those who agreed to participate and present at short notice to help us bring together this event. It is not for profit, it has taken a lot of effort and there is still much to do, but coming together during tough times is the right thing to do in order to connect, while staying safe.

We hope you take the time to join us.

To register, click here.