From 1 to 1 million labels, optimize your entire production floor

Label converters need to choose the right solution for the right application, combining complementary technologies in order to get more flexibility, more output and more profitability to meet customers’ demands.

“In order to be successful in the highly competitive label market, printers must be agile, always looking ahead across all solutions. We understand that conventional and digital technologies need to coexist, so you always have the right machine for the right job,” says Erik van Sloten, Technology Sales Director, Digital Printing at BOBST.

The future of packaging production is built on four pillars – digitalization, automation, connectivity and sustainability. This vision is fully deployed within the BOBST oneLABEL portfolio across printing and finishing to help label converters by offering them the choice of three platforms: UV digital inkjet, inline flexo and All-in-One, All-Inline.

Inkjet is the future

It is no secret that market trends are pushing all label companies towards digital printing. Those who invested early have seen growth above average. Now, as the focus changes from individual machine productivity to a holistic view that encompasses the whole production floor, label printers must maximize efficiencies by adopting multiple and recent technologies that give them the agility required to meet fast-changing demands.

Inkjet is the growth engine for the future. This proven technology produces excellent print quality, enables fast and just-in-time supply, and delivers sustainable economics. This is creating exciting new business opportunities and improving overall competitiveness.

BOBST has self-developed its revolutionary Mouvent UV inkjet Technology in the LB701-UV and LB702-UV digital and the MASTER DM5 All-in-One label presses. These unique machines are setting new standards with superb print quality thanks to the 1200 x 1200 dpi native resolution, extended digital colour gamut, 70% high opacity white and printing speeds of up to 100 m/min.

“There is no doubt that inkjet is now the dominant driving force in label production, but it is important to understand the whole picture,” comments van Sloten. “As well as being the answer to demands for shorter runs, multiple versions and personalisation, BOBST inkjet technology goes one step further by guaranteeing a highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is due to the exceptionally high productivity, which combined with low set-up times and low maintenance costs, offers a more competitive cost per linear meter compared to other digital printing technologies.”

Choosing the right press

BOBST’s proprietary Mouvent Technology offers a very different approach to inkjet printing. By integrating all the ink management, electronics and mechanics very close to the printheads, high quality, control and accuracy are achieved. The robustness and longevity of Mouvent Technology, combined with the exceptional print quality which delivers sharp images, vibrant colours, fine lines and smooth gradients, further ensure unrivalled productivity.

As the best entry-level option into inkjet, the LB701-UV label press can produce an impressive output of up to 75,000 sqm of labels per month at 70 m/min, with just one operator. Printing in four to six colours in a resolution of 1200 dpi, the press has been designed for fast and frequent changeovers, while the short web path reduces set-up times and waste for better sustainability in the process.

“The LB701-UV label press is a suitable solution for printers wishing to enter digital production or require high versatility with reduced waste for ultra-short to medium runs,” says Van Sloten. “It gives you the complete package of quality, productivity and cost-efficiency with no trade off. Then when you need more capacity, simply stay with the same technology and easily upgrade to the LB702-UV.”

Tackling anything that is thrown at it, the LB702-UV digital label press offers the ability to print any jobs from short to medium and medium to long run lengths. Printing at a max speed of 100 m/min, it will produce up to 200,000 sqm every month, in just one daily shift of eight hours, with one operator. Its six colours deliver the widest colour gamut in this category, using ECG (Extended Color Gamut) technology, without slowing down. White can be added as an option to print 70% opacity at 45 m/min.

The MASTER DM5 is an All-in-One, All-Inline label press which combines the strengths of flexo and inkjet technologies into one workflow to prime, print, embellish and cut in one pass. Because this modular press is configured with technology that is wholly owned and developed by BOBST, the integration between flexo and digital is smooth and seamless.

Each module is digitally automated for on-the-fly changeovers offering highest press uptime and outstanding repeatability, guaranteeing a fast time-to-market for most label applications.

One of the strongest features of the All-in-One printing solution is the compact digital print engine where the uniqueness of the Mouvent Technology comes into play. Due to its small size, there is ample room for accessories, such as a combo laminator or delam/relam module, to be moved along a rail above the digital module and be positioned either before or after as needed, saving on set-up time and costs.

“We don’t see the All-Inline press as a ‘hybrid’ machine because the press is 100% BOBST, not a combination of technologies that have been developed separately by different manufacturers” explains Van Sloten. “One press made to your exact specifications, one operator needed to run it, one supplier for absolutely everything – this is the solution which bridges the gap between inline flexo and digital inkjet.” He concludes