EYnovation™ Business Models in Media and Publishing – Who will pay the bill…

This In the Spotlight will set the context for a wider industry discussion. It will look at how consumer expectations continue to change, how they are using technology, what they value and are willing to pay for. We will also look at what frustrates consumers. As well as consumers we will explore the expectations of advertisers, discussing their use of technology and issues such as trust and how it drives long term value. In covering consumer and advertiser expectations, we will share latest EY insights including examples of how we see companies and markets responding.

  • Changes in reading habits and the shift toward digital media and e-solutions have significantly reduced the demand for print and the revenue from paper-based advertising.
  • The emergence of new technologies enables closer relationships with customers and creates more value through enhanced experiences.
  • According to imec’s digimeter, among 15-19 year olds, the smartphone has increased its lead on the TV set as the main screen for video content.
  • These trends raise a lot of questions for publishers of all kind of media:
  • What do consumers value and are willing to pay for today?
  • How can publishers improve the way they get content to customers and the guarantee that it is seen by a person and not a bot?
  • How do publishers address the challenges related to trust in a world of fake news?

Date And Time: Wed, May 8, 2019 – 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM CEST

Location: EY Antwerp Wavespace – 26 Borsbeeksebrug – 2600 Antwerpen



– 19h00: EY Welcome/Intro

– 19h15: Keynote by Martyn Whistler

As the EY Global Media & Entertainment Lead Analyst, Martyn will take the audience through the challenges he sees in the media, content, publishing/ and printing industry from their perspective of end-users, advertisers and brand-owners.

– 20h00: Startups disrupting the industry.

3 startups disrupting the industry, will present themselves and how they address the above challenges: Alex Joos from Veeew, Hendrik Dacquin from Zender and Lorenzo Bown from StoryMe.

– 20h30: Q&A

– 21h00: Networking Drink

Martyn Whistler is EY’s Lead Analyst for Media and Entertainment. He has spent almost twenty years helping global media companies make sense of industry disruption. His approach is cross-sector but specific projects focus on driving growth and innovation through the application of digital technologies and improvements in customer experience. Martyn focuses on the upside of digital and technology disruption such as blockchain and AI, looking at their impact on competitiveness and growth. From time-to-time Martyn also writes on the future of smart technologies, casting a wider lens across industries. Prior to joining EY, Martyn was part of the media practice at McKinsey.


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