Print and Electronics united

  • 23/02/2021
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Online
  • Vanaf €255


We can describe graphic production as the ability to apply thin layers of ink to a variety of substrates with great accuracy. In our daily life we see the results: colorful packaging, labels, banners, magazines, … Other industries are now also discovering the power of additive production: high volume, low costs, efficient use of materials and sustainable! Using print in the production of Electronics looks very promising and fits the concept of Internet-of-Things that demands low cost and high-volume electronics. The goal of this course is to introduce non-specialists in the world of printing electronics.


  • Basic understanding of electronics – Principles and components are explained by understandable analogies.
  • Printing conductive inks – An overview of suitable inks, substrates, printing techniques and equipment.
  • Application – Examples of established printed electronics applications.
  • Smart Packaging – Focus on integration of electronics in packaging & labels.

Target group

  • Business developers in packaging & labels, industrial printing, …
  • Technical Managers in Graphic Production
  • Graphic Academics


VIGC member - €255
VIGC non-member - €365


KMO Portefeuille
Erkenningsnummer: DV.O101579


Fons Put
Senior Innovation Consultant,

Fons begon zijn carrière als service engineer bij de KODAK Graphic Division in Brussel. Na 2 jaar trad hij in de wereld van de kranten in de CONCENTRA groep: eerst als de coördinator voor de afdeling "Imaging" en later als de grafische/technische specialist.Sinds 11 jaar is Fons senior consultant bij VIGC. In deze functie voerde hij talrijke projecten op kleurmeting & normalisatie, publiceerde meerdere papers en doceert print professionals in de wereld van kleur.






Print and Electronics united - VIGC Members - €255
Print and Electronics united - VIGC Non-Members - €365