Essentra Packaging partners with Esko

Following a successful trial, Essentra Packaging has integrated Automation Engine with SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment at its UK site in Bradford.

The cloud-based workflow solution has simplified IT infrastructure while driving efficiency and reducing waste at the plant.

Essentra Packaging is a leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging and vital component parts for hundreds of markets and thousands of products. With in-house packaging design and R&D centers to fast-track product launches or optimize packing line capabilities, Essentra has secured a reputation for delivering value added services to customers that maximize supply chain efficiencies and reduce their environmental footprint.

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, the company was looking to standardize capabilities in a number of areas, including prepress, while at the same time removing as much of the IT infrastructure as possible from site and moving things into the cloud.

Esko worked with Essentra Packaging while developing the cloud-based deployment option for its market-leading workflow optimization solution, Automation Engine. Following a successful trial at the company’s facility in Poland, the SaaS option has been integrated at the UK factory.

With Automation Engine, companies can automate, standardize and improve prepress workflow across an entire organization. The future has arrived with the next generation of Automation Engine, delivering high-performance, yet easy-to-use workflow automation with SaaS deployment.

Mark King, Technical Manager – Division, Essentra Packaging, said: “In terms of major time saving, when we talk about imposing jobs…a manual process can take anything up to 30 minutes. With Automation Engine SaaS, that is reduced to a matter of two to three seconds.”

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