duomedia is on a mission to make B2B communication better

duomedia has launched a campaign to enhance B2B communication. To achieve this, we have developed a survey to collect valuable information on how businesses can tailor their communication to better meet the preferences of their audiences.

duomedia’s General Manager, Louis De Nolf, emphasizes the importance of effective communication in any business setting and recognizes that everyone has different ways of consuming information. By gathering insights on how audiences prefer to receive information, duomedia can help businesses improve their communication strategies to better serve their customers.

The research findings will be used to inform businesses on how to refine their communication strategies and make them more effective. The survey is ongoing so participants can still make sure their personal preferences are included in the results.

Louis De Nolf concludes: “It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. We try to gather as much input as possible, across Europe, to have a clear understanding of the different needs. With those insights, we can work – together with the businesses – towards an effective and goal oriented communication.

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