Drukkerij Gewa Upgrades its KODAK NEXPRESS Platform by Adding a Long Sheet Feeder and Substrate Expansion Kit

Drukkerij Gewa, a commercial printer based in Arendonk, Belgium has chosen to extend the capabilities of its existing KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press with the addition of a Long Sheet Feeder and a Substrate Expansion Kit. By upgrading their NEXPRESS Press, Drukkerij Gewa will be able to offer new applications and services to its commercial and publishing customers, ranging from short-run packaging applications to dust jackets for larger books.

Drukkerij Gewa, has run a successful printing outfit since 1989 by delivering superior print quality, flexibility, and fast service at a competitive price. When the company installed the KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press in 2011 they set out to provide their customers with an enhanced digital printing service to address the rising demand for shorter run jobs produced with offset quality. With the consistent growth of their digital business, Drukkerij Gewa recognized the opportunity to tap into the NEXPRESS Press’ versatility by adding a Long Sheet Feeder and the Substrate Expansion kit.

“Kodak’s NEXPRESS Press has been an incredible workhorse for our company. It has allowed us to confidentially grow our digital business, providing offset class print quality and the creative capabilities to offer our clients valuable new services and applications,” said Levi en Jeroen Geenen. “Adding a Long Sheet Feeder and the Substrate Expansion Kit in combination with our recent investment in a Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machine fits right into our strategy to continually enhance the types of digital capabilities we offer.”

The KODAK NEXPRESS Substrate Expansion Kit, which expands the types of paperboard and synthetic substrates NEXPRESS Presses can run, is an optional upgrade to existing presses (S-series and newer). It equips NEXPRESS Presses to handle paperboard substrates with weightings graded up to 24 points/610 microns. For synthetic substrates, the Substrate Expansion Kit gives printers the option to print on materials with weightings up to 14 mil. The Long Sheet Feeder adds the capability to print sheets up to 14 x 39.37 inches (356 mm x 1 meter) allowing printers to produce even more applications to meet diverse market needs, including oversized brochures, dust jackets for larger books, and panoramic posters. The long sheet pile feeder also enables more impositions per sheet, significantly boosting productivity.




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