Bluetree Print achieve 4,000 jobs per day with Enfocus PitStop Library Container

Enfocus has greatly lowered the barrier to using their world-leading PitStop Library SDK by making it available as a REST API-accessible Docker Image.

Enfocus Software announced the release of PitStop Library Container, a Docker Image of their market-leading PDF processing tools that makes the technology easily accessible from anywhere through a REST API.

The new update means Enfocus PitStop Pro will become even more streamlined, enabling printers to further trim time from their PDF preflighting process. This will allow businesses like the UK’s Bluetree Print to massively boost its throughput.

In the case of Bluetree, PitStop (and another Enfocus automation solution, Switch) cut its proofing time to just ten seconds, ensuring it could power through 4,000 jobs per day. “The quickest that we’ve had an order come through from the website all the way to being dispatched is 23 minutes and 17 seconds,” said Matthew Kay, Software Developer at Bluetree. “Without Switch and PitStop, that would not be possible.”

Bluetree’s success showed the results that could be achieved when Enfocus software was combined with coding experience and skill. However, with the release of the latest SDK update, PitStop is set to offer printers a more accessible set of tools to improve productivity for many more printers. “For a long time, accessing the power of PitStop’s SDK required C++ coding skills,” explains Steven Nuyt, Head of Product at Enfocus. 

“This set a high bar for users. Today, we are delighted to make our PitStop SDK available as a Docker Image fully accessible through a REST API. This will make our preflight and PDF processing tools much easier for many of our customers to integrate.”

PitStop Library SDK can be hosted online on any server technology (AWS, Azure, etc.) and works on Mac, PC, and Linux. This enables users to develop with ease on their preferred platforms and then quickly make their solutions available in the cloud for access from anywhere.

Nuyt continues: “Deploying PitStop Library Container as part of a cloud-based workflow brings unlimited scalability and incredible flexibility to our best-in-class PDF processing technology. Preflight and PDF manipulation are no longer restricted to on-premises hardware or hardcore coders. The comprehensive REST API will mean developers from a wide range of sectors will find it easy to create solutions and integrate our technology across any cloud infrastructure.”

The update arrives as the printing market continues to accelerate its demands for volume and quality. In an environment where high quality, right-first-time printing is the bare minimum customers expect, an advanced yet accessible preflighting automation solution can help print houses punch above their weight.

The PitStop Library SDK is available today and Enfocus is inviting interested parties to sign up for a demo at: