Bluetree Group: Order to dispatch in less than half an hour

“On average, we do 4,000 plus jobs a day and without Switch and PitStop that would not be possible.”

“Switch gave us a lot of flexibility and a lot of fluidity over some of the other applications. And particularly when it came to designing workflows, and moving things around. It was pretty straightforward once we’d seen Switch, kind of pulling the rest of the software up, out of the water.”

“Switch essentially handles automation throughout the whole business, and it started in our studio departments. It grew from there, so we extended it to start handling more of our production department, or automating our production departments and then it grew from beyond there as well into other parts of the business.”

Who is Bluetree?

Bluetree Group employs over 600 colleagues in Wath Upon Dearne, Yorkshire. Founded in 1989, and has grown from humble beginnings to the UK’s largest online printing business and first UK manufacturer of Type IIR Surgical face masks. Bluetree operates through three brands;,, and An award-winning business, they have appeared on the Virgin Sunday Times Fast Track 100 ranking not once, but twice, and have also been awarded the Sheffield Business Award for Company of the Year. Every person at Bluetree has a role to play in their success, and they know that without our team of passionate colleagues, they wouldn’t be the business that they are today.

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