Biriz Flexible invests in Esko software

Leading Turkish flexible packaging specialist, Biriz Flexible, is reaping the benefits after investing in Esko Automation Engine and WebCenter.

The manufacturer, which supplies to both food and non-food markets globally, has achieved significant productivity and efficiency gains since implementing the two software solutions.

Despite the complexities of completing an installation under the restrictions of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Esko worked with Biriz Flexible to ensure Automation Engine and WebCenter became the very first integrated prepress solutions deployed at the 20,000m2 site, in Gaziantep.

Anil Agcabay, Automation Specialist in the Repro department, explained that the company’s dedication to ensuring accuracy and the highest level of customer service had meant that processes could be very time consuming. “For example, when inserting customer and job information on a good for print we would have to manually add in and then check information,” he said. “Or to meet specific customer requests we would have to prepare digital files in PDF or JPEG formats and send e-mails to the customer for checking and approval.

“With so many manual steps, only tracked by individual emails, it was too easy to make a mistake on the job. We were looking to make an investment in a software solution that would enable the team to do more work with the same headcount, while also making the process error-free, controlled and sustainable.”

The prepress team at Biriz Flexible had already been using ArtPro+ from Esko so integrating the new automated workflow and packaging management solutions was incredibly simple and straightforward.

Esko WebCenter is a powerful, secure, web-based packaging management and collaboration platform that manages all aspects of preproduction specification, approval and project lifecycle. The software removes the bottlenecks that are most commonly associated with the packaging design to production process.

Meanwhile, Esko Automation Engine – a workflow server – not only automates print production tasks but also integrates business systems. As well as speeding up the process, more importantly, it serves to reduce the error rate and the need for operator intervention.

“We invested in WebCenter and Automation Engine to automate our processes, save time and reduce errors,” explained Anil. “The rapid response time from Esko and the solutions they installed have definitely shortened the implementation and adaptation processes within our company.

“Esko was directly involved in the project, from designing the right solution for us to creating all our workflows after the installation,” he said. “We received great support from Esko in software training, process improvements, work development and also in solving technical problems, if any arose.”

Anil said: “By adding Automation Engine and WebCenter to the ArtPro+ software that we have been successfully using for many years, we have taken our prepress process fully under control and we now see the benefit of integrating it with our existing ERP software.

“We immediately noticed an improvement in efficiency, as well as productivity and the speed increase in our work,” he said. “Automation Engine has rapidly become an indispensable tool for all of our sales representatives, graphic designers and quality departments too. Sales representatives send the order they have created to Automation Engine over our ERP. The artwork is sent to the graphics department via Automation Engine, and once loaded it is forwarded to the graphic designers in order to be processed. All approval and control processes before printing are carried out through WebCenter and the work is delivered to the print department.”

Anil confirmed that bespoke workflows, created in Automation Engine according to the Biriz Flexible way of working, meant errors have been significantly reduced and the entire production process is now completed in a fast and controlled manner.

“Being able to obtain information about the status of a project via WebCenter means that customer approval management and planning processes have become both easier and faster,” he said. “We have also found that managing our work through the software reduces workload pressure on our staff and increases productivity.

“We have been working with Esko solutions since our factory was first established five years ago,” Anil added. “As well as the innovative solutions Esko has delivered, we truly appreciate the company’s local support and close cooperation with us in Turkey along with their analytical approach.”