Argos Solutions & Plockmatic join forces

Argos Solutions and Plockmatic announce to join forces for inline coating solutions

Tommy Segelberg (Plockmatic) and Tony Michiels (Argos Solutions) at the Plockmatic Riga Open Days, 26th-27th in Latvia

(September 26th 2018 Brussels/Stockholm) Argos Solutions and Plockmatic released today’s announcement of the collaboration between both companies for inline coating development for cut sheet digital printing systems.

The result on this collaboration is now live at the Plockmatic Riga Open Days, 26th-27th in Riga, Latvia

Argos Solutions, a leading digital solutions provider to the digital printing industry, headquartered in Edingen, Belgium, with operations in Riviera Beach, Florida, designs, develops and delivers high-end flat-and spot-coaters, web cleaners and consumables for the global commercial, document, label and packaging market segments.

The inline coating development is based on the Argos pioneering products and services from the last years.

“This agreement represents an excellent opportunity for Argos Solutions, propelling the organization further into the inline digital solutions market, where we will continue to deliver on our long term strategy of driving growth through product innovation, focus on developing markets and portfolio expansion,” says Tony Michiels, CEO and Founder of Argos Solutions.

“Both Argos and Plockmatic has a proven history of delivering exceptional value through high-quality, high-productivity, innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers, which fits seamlessly with our own long-term vision for our business.”

Mr. Michiels continues. “I am also delighted to welcome the Plockmatic Group into this unique world of coating on digital printed documents and look forward to supporting them and building on their continued success in document finishing history.”

The collaboration between the two companies is a logic fit, Plockmatic has all the knowledge, technologies, streamlined production and relations to the major printer manufacturers, one of the products missing in their whole offering is…coating.

“Within Plockmatic Group strategy, coating is one of the most requested options within sheet enhancement for digital printed media, both toner and inkjet printing technologies” Says Tommy Segelberg, Director Technology Alliances within the Plockmatic Group.

To continue, “what attracted me with the Argos technology was the environmental friendly processes to create high gloss surface result with low power consumption and the non-toxic fluids used with their unique LED AIR technology.”