AG3M streamlines production with Esko

As part of its drive to become a “digital printing 4.0” company, AG3M uses Esko automation and collaboration ecosystem for productivity and efficiency gains.

Founded in 2003, AG3M has grown to become one of the leading labels producers in France, with a reputation for outstanding quality. AG3M serves a range of customers across the food and wine industries, including customers exclusively serving independent winegrowers around Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone in southern France, where the company is based.

With customers demanding the highest quality, AG3M was looking to modernize and streamline the business to create a ‘digital printing 4.0 company’ to eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency and productivity, all while ensuring the consistent quality of the labels they were producing was not compromised.

Through using a complete ecosystem of Esko prepress editing and color management software, workflow automation, collaboration and inline inspection, AG3M has benefited from a 30% increase in productivity with the ability to deliver 4 hours more of production per day.

The company’s completely connected system – which includes Esko Automation Engine, Color Preflight, WebCenter, ArtPro+ and AVT inline inspection – allows constant, real time communication with production, the entire sales team, and importantly with customers.

Click here to watch the video and discover how the integration of the Esko ecosystem has helped AG3M achieve its digital transformation goals!