28.03 Le Studio: levelling the automation playing field

“If you don’t have flow—fluidity—you can’t make ends meet. It’s that simple. The print tech is in place. Today, we have printers that print quickly, machines that cut quickly, but if there is no flow of jobs, they’re no use”.

In 2008, when Emmanuel set up 28.03 Le Studio in Saint-Denis on the edge of the French capital, his first employee ran on electricity, not coffee. His first employee was Switch.

“Switch immediately freed up time for higher-value work by eliminating repetitive manual tasks. It also increases the quantity of print jobs we’re able to process […] Switch can provide us with information in real time. We are notified when the customer drops off a file (via FTP), and we know which customer it was. By the time we get to it, it has already been transferred and has been checked and deposited on our server if it passes the tests”.

“Without Switch, 28.03 Le Studio wouldn’t be able to print enough jobs or I would print them fast but badly. Today, all printers on the market have almost the same print cost. On the other hand, when you enter an upstream order then have to spend 20 minutes opening a PDF, checking it, checking the RGB images, all your margin is lost there. With Enfocus Switch, we save a lot of time, print well, and see healthy margins”

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is more important than ever for small businesses to find ways to level the playing field. Click here to watch the full testimonial.